A book about erotism and power mechanisms in interpersonal and interinstitutional relationships.

The persons that are part of the gear of Eromechanics, pass through different situations and roles in which games of domination, subjugation, persuasion, exaltation, addiction and group cohesion are displayed under an erotic tone.

The prison, the school, the hospital, the working system, the religion, consumption.. are the scenarios by which these characters wander, contributing with their passions and strategies, to the perfect functioning of the bunch of connecting rods, pistons, spark plugs, crankshafts, levers and driveshafts of the social machinery.

The "Eromechanics" book includes the dialogues of the performances; photomontages of each scene; texts by several collaborators: Xabier Erkizia, Idoia Zabaleta, Diego del Pozo, Agurtzane Ormatza, Ainhoa Güemes, Nestor Makno and Javier de Rivera, about the eromechanics of the sound, the performative, the art, sex, gender, activismo and social tecnologies, respectively; and images of the performances mad with EPLC collective.

Author: Saioa Olmo // Editor: IDEATOMICS // Languages: Spanish, Basque and English in separated editions // Size: 12,5 x 16,5 cm // Page n.: 192 // ISBN: 978-84-608-4143-2

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Biotracks Book

A book about the idea of artistic and personal trajectory, elaborated from the artistic projects created by Saioa Olmo Alonso from the 2000 to the 2014, in collaboration with several agents and art production structures. Texts by: Xabier Sáenz de Gorbea, María Mur, Diego del Pozo, Santiago Eraso, Nekane Aramburu, María José Aranzasti, Aiora KIntana, Haizea Barcenilla, Concepción Elorza, Vicente Arlandis, Zaramari, Ricardo Antón y Ainara Martín. It includes a DVD with the videocreation "Hamaika Urte Dantzan", "Arte entre Fogones" by Pilar Baizán and "Samoa Olio" by Unai Requejo.

Author: Saioa Olmo // Editor: IDEATOMICS // Languages: Basque, Spanish and English // Size: 24,5 x 16,5 cm // Pages: 208 // ISBN: 978-84-617-0991-5

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