When: Saturday, 6th of October, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.
Where: Mrs. Casilda's Park of Bilbao. Meeting point: "Fountain of the distinguished figures" (fountain of four pipes that is next to the fuente de cuatro caños cercana a la entrada de la cafeteria of the Fine Arts Museum, between the playground and kiosk.
What: A walk in conversation with trees, pavements and ornaments, through performative, sound and visual actions.
Who: a proposal by Saioa Olmo and Raquel Meyers inside the "Vis a vis" program organized by Colectivo Ant and Amaia Molinet.
Thanks to: Mikel Arce, Oihane Iragüen y Marta Villota.
Website: https://antespacio.com/espacios/vis-a-vis-casilda/

Inventing and practicing different ways of entering in conversation with the materialities that surround us can be a beautiful form of establishing alternative relationships to the ways in which we usually behave with the context that we form part of.

This peculiar walk consist on exploring our context from a different gaze and inmersing into situations that can let challenge ourselves in unsuspected ways.