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Conferences: "Coexistence with a monument"

Organized by: Gonzalo Laborra y Federica Tavián

Reciclarte, Pamplona


"Monuments to communicate, to hate, to live and to use"

Conferencia: "Monumentos para comunicar, odiar, vivir y usar"

"Coexistence with a monument" were conferences about the possible relations that a person or a group of persons can establish with a monument. These conferences were linked to a workshop directed to a group of students of interior architecture of London, who analyzed different locations of areas of the town Larrasoaña, to formalize different specific projects with this theme.

"Monuments to communicate, to hate, to live and to use" was a presentation that showed examples of artistic projects that raise a relation among monument and persons, alternative to the traditional model of public monument that invites to: remember, admire, honor, put in value, remain or reinforce identities.